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We STAR ENTERPRISES believe in professional services and quality products. we Import high quality Artificial Grass from our reliable partners in china and produce the best quality product in very competitive price while at the same time no compromise on quality. We believe in the availability of our product to the market on time.
We cater the major share of wholesale market in Rawalpindi and Islamabad region.
We at Star Enterprises always want our client satisfaction even at any cost.
Where Quality maters, the Price also Matters. so In order to keep both at optimum level we try to convey the major part of our profit margin to our clients.
Beside Wholesale, we also handle some of the retail market and give benefit to our valuable customer who work and order us online. we provide them door step facility for the best service in town.


To provide retailers easy, fast & convenient access to the product the sell..


Our Vision is to provide best product and best service in the market, and become the market leader in the region.



We provide the best Installation experts to end users.

Our Installation team is very professional persons. with the help of our professionals we try to keep our customer satisfied and happy.

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We STAR ENTERPRISES located in the Capital city of Pakistan, we work hard on provide the best quality product and make our product available on very short notice and also arrange deliveries on time. All these services upon once call and also at a very low cost and efforts.

Artificial Turf vs Natural Grass

If you want a lawn at your home, you have two choices – natural grass or artificial grass. Which is best? Well, that depends on practical factors such as initial and ongoing costs and the amount of maintenance required as well as personal aesthetic and sustainability preferences. Artificial grass can do everything natural grass can do (often better), and it can do a lot of things natural grass cannot.
Let’s compare.

Total Cost of Ownership

For natural grass, you can plant seeds or, at much greater expense, lay sod. After that, you have ongoing expenses to maintain the lawn – equipment and supplies to mow, trim, weed, feed, and re-seed.
Installing artificial grass costs quite a bit more than a seeded or sod lawn. However, there is little to no maintenance expense over the life of the turf. With those savings, the turf pays for itself in relatively short time. The lawn will far outlast that repayment period, and the savings will never expire. There are financing options available for homeowners who prefer to spread the initial cost of artificial grass over several months.

Care Requirements

One of the biggest differences between artificial turf and natural grass is the level of care. Natural grass requires several hours of work each week to keep it looking its best. Slack off, and your lawn will quickly advertise that lack of attention.
Artificial turf on the other hand, requires only minimal maintenance. Rinsing the lawn occasionally removes dust and potential odors from pet waste. Brushing or raking the blades keeps them upright and fluffy, even in high traffic areas. And, of course, you’ll want to pick up, rake, or blow away any fallen leaves or other organic clutter that lands on the lawn. That’s about it, year in and year out.

Water Usage

No homeowner, anywhere, wants a high water bill. Unfortunately, with natural grass, there is no way around that. Depending on the variety and its hardiness, an 800 square foot lawn will consume about 150,000 gallons of water every year. Here in the Bay Area, that kind of water wastage is unthinkable, aside from the cost.
In contrast, an artificial grass lawn twice that size will not require any water at all. If pets use the grass as a potty zone, the only water regularly needed, will be just enough to rinse the area with a hose.


Modern varieties of artificial grass are so realistic; it can be tough to distinguish them from the real thing. But there is one major difference when it comes to aesthetics. Fake grass always looks perfect —
the same height, color and texture, no matter the season, weather, or wear.
You just can’t say that about natural grass. Variations in light and moisture, seasonal issues, pet challenges, and general wear and tear can all cause the grass to appear mottled instead of richly green, or even yellow or dead in spots. Plus, grass grows. The only way to maintain desired, uniform height is to constantly mow.

So, What’s Your Preference?


Natural grass and artificial grass are both viable options for residential lawn. It’s your yard, so you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of each to determine the right choice for you. How much time and money do you want to invest in your lawn, over time? How will you use the lawn? Do you have kids and/or pets? How long do you plan to keep your home?
And, if we may make one more suggestion, why not come by our Heavenly Greens showroom and get a feel for our varieties of artificial grass up close and personal, as they say? You can see our products for yourself, ask all the questions you want, and get solid, helpful advice from our team of fake grass experts.
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